Traffic Swirl

Traffic Swirl is a free Traffic Exchange program where members can earn money and credits for exchanging pageviews to their website or preferred url. John Bell started the program in 2010.




*Traffic Swirl will not make you a millionaire. You will only earn cents by surfing advertisement.
*Do not promote your blog to any Traffic Exchange and PTC program because Search Engines know that the pageviews you get are not organic. This will affect your bounce rate because users may not give you inbound clicks.

3 Currencies in Traffic Swirl

*Dollar – Real money
*Credit – pageview per page
*Token – currency in marketplace

4 WAYS TO EARN IN Traffic Swirl

1. Credit is very important in Traffic Swirl and other traffic exchanges programs because this is what members will use to get free pageviews to their website.

*View Ads for credits – In order to earn credits (not money), members must surf advertisement. Free members need to view 2 advertisement to get 1 credit.

8 seconds timer – Timer for free members and get .4 credit.
6 seconds timer – Timer for upgraded members and get 1 credit.

2. Token is very important in Traffic Swirl. This serves as their currency to purchase items in the marketplace and use to get referrals to other online programs.

*Token Ads – Members can earn token by viewing Token ads. The timer is limited to 4-30 seconds and 1-100 tokens.

*Task – Members can earn credits by completing tasks such as:

-Like Facebook Page
-Follow Tumbler Account
-Twit a post/Follow a Twitter post
-Follow Instagram Account
-Subscribe to Youtube Channel/Comment on Youtube
-Comment on Blog
-Sign up on other online programs.

3. Cash Unlike Easyhits4u, members do not earn money in every advertisement they surf but they can still earn money by this following method:

*PTC Ads – Members can earn money by viewing PTC ads. The timer is limited to 4-30 seconds and $0.001-0.002 per ad.

*Cash Chests – Cash chests contain a random cash prize. Cash chests can be purchased in the marketplace or won on the Ad Grid, or Swirly Paws Board Game on Mondays or during Power Hour.

*Affiliate Upgrade – Traffic Swirl is always free to use but members have the option to earn more.

Traffic Swirl Upgrade
Traffic Swirl Upgrade

The good thing in their upgrade is upgraded members have higher chances of winning their games and have more credits than free members.


Everyday there is a different game that you can play while surfing that can make you earn money, token or credits, keys and chests.


Traffic Swirl Game
Traffic Swirl Game


In order to open the chests, members must acquire keys. 1 key is good for 1 chest.

Traffic Swirl Chests
Traffic Swirl Chests


Members can cashout their earnings the moment they accumulate $10 via Paypal or Payza. They also have the option to convert it to different types of advertising.


*Surf as many as you can to earn money and prizes.
*Expose your referral text and/or banner links to get direct referrals
*Upgrade if you have many referrals to earn more.
*Participate to their game.


*Members should have only 1 account.
*Only one member can join per IP.
*Do not use bots




The websites presented and reviewed by Online Profit Directory are legit or at the time of the writing are legit and paying. If you think that one or more of the websites are scam or suspicious, you may share your experience and proof via e-mail.


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  1. Traffic Swirl is the only traffic exchange that I’ve been with consistently over the years. For me, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. There’s something going on every day and the rewards and incentives are great. There’s a great community spirit, too, and the chat is nearly always active. I can surf for hours without getting bored.

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