Paidverts is a free Paid to Click Program where members can make money online by viewing advertisements and doing some various tasks. It was established on March 31, 2014 and now considered the big innovation in PTC industry by allowing advertisers to earn. Members’ account and earnings in Paidverts can also be viewed in My Traffic Value, a crowdfunding site where members can earn from investing. To summarize, Paidverts is a product of My Traffic Value’s revenue. It is also a Paid to Advertise program where members may get 150% money back by buying bulk advertisement.





BAP – you will not earn any cents by clicking them but you need them to receive ads. They serve as your key to attract ads different types of ads.
Dollar value ads – you will only get them if you have BAPs to exchange. The more BAP you have is the more likely you receive high value ads.


*1 BAP is equivalent to $0.0005
*BAP can attract different value of ads.
*200 BAP can get 200 $0.0005, 100 $0.001, 1 $0.1 or different types of ad value that will total to $0.1.
*Free BAP expires after 24 hours if you do not click them
*Dollar Value Ads expire after 18 hours and will be recycled to give to other members.


Paidverts will not make you a millionaire. You will only earn by interacting with ads. If you want to take a risk, you have the option to buy Bulk ads that will give you additional BAP to exchange for ads.


1. View Ads – In order to earn, members need to view advertisements for 5┬áseconds. In order to receive advertisement, you first need to view their BAP ads. The accumulated BAP will be exchanged for dollar value ads. Members need to be active at least twice a day because ads are given in different times with expiration of 18 hours after being sent.

2. BUY BULK ADS – Paidverts is not a common PTC site where only the owner and upline will benefit from advertisers’ money. For every $1.05 worth of bulk ads that advertisers buy, he will get 3100 BAP that is equivalent to $1.55.

3. GAMES – Paidverts is offering their members and advertisers different types of games that will decrease or increase their BAP. If you are lucky, you may double, triple or make a million BAP while playing. It is more of a gamble than playing.

3. Referrals – Members can also earn commission from every click and tasks that their referrals do. The upline will get 5% commission per ad click and 10% commission from every purchase. The upline’s referrals in Paidverts are automatically his referrals also in My Traffic Value.

The good thing in Paidverts is there is no IP restriction or 2 or more persons can register in Paidverts provided that they are from different persons and have different payment addresses.

Unlike other types of PTC, referrers are not required to click advertisement to get their commission from their referrals.


Members can buy Ad Filter for $10. It can help members block low value ads to deliver to them. Instead of getting 200 $0.0005, you may just receive 1 $0.1, 100 $0.001 or any other type of dollar value ad that will be equal to $0.1. Ad Filter will actually save your time from clicking many advertisements.

Requirement for higher dollar value ads
* You require 50,000+ BAP to set the ad filter over $0.01
* You require 100,000+ BAP to set the ad filter over $0.05
* You require 200,000+ BAP to set the ad filter over $0.10


Paidverts is offering their members to extend the time of their ads to 24, 48 or even 72 hours. This upgrade gives the members an opportunity to prolong the time of their ads according to their desired hours. This is best if you think that you have other things to do than clicking ads in one day.


The minimum payout in Paidverts is $2 and you can withdraw it using Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay, Solid Trust Pay, Bankwire, Bitcoin, Neteller, Okpay and Payeer.


*If you have many BAP, it is advisable to login at least 2x a day to see if you have pending ads to view.
*Members with many BAP is more likely to attract higher paid value ads.
*Acquire referrals to earn commissions
*Buy bulk ads to receive more BAP and higher value ads
*Own risk, you may play at their games to multiple your BAP.
*Register for Two Factor Authentication to avoid hacking of accounts and balances. It is better safe than lose all your money and BAP.


Unlike other PTC programs, you may invite your family members to join Paidverts/My Traffic Value but you should have different payment addresses. If they realize that you refer yourself to their programs, it is an automatic ban.





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