Paid To Click

Paid To Click is also known as PTC, Pay Per Click and PPC. The goal of Paid To Click websites is to deliver pageviews to their advertisers.The 3 parties involved in PTC are the members, advertisers and the owner. Members or users can earn money online by viewing the websites (ads) of the advertisers for about 3-6 seconds. The amount of money that members can earn is most commonly $0.001-$0.01 per ad.


Be aware of this kind of program because scam PTC sites are all over the internet. If you are eager to try PTC, you should first read my or other reviews of your chosen PTC sites.

To help you decide, here are the top 5 of the best PTC. I rate the ranking based on the number of users, age and legitimacy of the PTCs. (Click the names for detailed reviews.)


  1. Neobux – branded as the King of PTC.

  2. Clixsense – upto 8 levels referral

  3. Paidverts – started the innovation in PTC sites.

  4. Scarlet-Clicks – Since 2009


1. View Ads – In order to earn, members need to view advertisements from 3-60 seconds. Earnings per ad depend on how long does an advertiser want members to view his website. The longer time he needs the higher he pays his viewers.

Example of timer
3 seconds = $0.0005
5 seconds = $0.001
10 seconds = $0.005
30 seconds = $0.01
60 seconds = $0.05

2. Referrals – Aside from viewing advertisement, members can also earn money by referring someone to their PTC sites using their referral link. Some PTC sites give at least 10% commission to the upline. If you are good in inviting people, this one is right for you. What if you’re not good at inviting people? Don’t worry because some PTC sites give you the opportunity to rent active members with no upline.

3. Upgrade – This means paying a special treatment by receiving higher amount and numbers of ads. PTC also guarantees you to receive at a maximum of 100% referral commission from your direct or rented referrals. Please note that you should only upgrade if you have many active referrals because your referral commission is the foundation of your earnings. Some PTC sites offer 1, 3, 6 and 12 months upgrade.


Before you join a PTC site, you should know first the minimum payout and the payment methods you use. Give a second thought if the minimum payout is $10 while others only offer at least $1.

If the only online wallet available in your country is Payza, then look for a legit PTC site that is offering the online wallet you use.


*The key is to acquire active referrals.
*Look for new and legit PTC to invite people. Old PTC sites already have hundred thousands members.
*Be updated to the legit PTCs turned scam sites.


The golden rule in PTC sites is ONE MEMBER PER IP. Meaning you may not invite your family members to the PTC sites that you’re already a member. The only PTC site that allowed members to have more than one account per IP is Paidverts.


The websites presented and reviewed by Online Profit Directory are legit or at the time of the writing are legit and paying. If you think that one or more of the websites are scam or suspicious, you may share your experience and proof via e-mail.


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