My Traffic Value

My Traffic Value is a Crowd Invest Program where members may earn passively by collecting weekly dividends and investing money to Fast Track Queue and get 115%-240% commission. It started in 2011 by Jo Richard Cook and other Spanish Investors and has offices in New Zealand and Slovenia.

My Traffic Value


My Traffic Value is not a HYIP site but requires members to invest in order to earn or play. Before you make any deposit, you must make an agreement to yourself to INVEST ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE because we never know if the site will stop, if ever, paying investors.


The 3 important terminologies that will summarize how My Traffic Value works are Fast Track Queue, Products and Shares.

1. Fast Track Queue – It is a line of investors where the first investors get their invested money with commission in full first. Unlike common HYIP sites, Fast Track Queue does not give an exact date when the investors will get their money. The minimum payment that members can invest is $1 and the commission depends on their membership. Investors may get 115%-240% of their money.

2. Products – My Traffic Value develops products such as games and services that makes money online. The fund that will finance the making and sustaining of products comes from the investments from Fast Track Queue. The revenue that the products get will be divided to the Fast Track Queue and Shareholders. Their major product as of the moment is Paidverts.

3. Shareholders – Like other major companies, My Traffic Value also have shares. Shareholders receive weekly dividends of the company’s profit from the whole week.


1. Invest in Fast Track Queue – In order to earn money from a My Traffic Value, members need to invest. Again, invest only what you can afford to lose. Investing in Fast Track Queue is the best way to earn passively. You just have to be the first person to invest to get your investment as fast as one day. Investors will get 115% while upgraded members may get 240%. The minimum investment is only $1.

Membership Price for Fast Track Queue

170% Money Back – Free
240% Money Back – $500,000 Upgrade Fee

2. Products – Products developed by My Traffic Value are most commonly games that will make winners double their money and losers lose their money. It is more like a gamble so it is better to enjoy playing games than dreaming that you’ll be a millionaire in this way. They also produced Paid to Advertise site named Paidverts.

3. Shares – Members may also earn by buying shares and receiving dividends weekly. They can also do day trading or keeping the shares on their hands and sell them when the share price go up.

4. Referrals – My Traffic Value members may start earning without even investing a single dime if they have referrals who are investing because they can get a maximum of 10% commission.

Commissions Pay Table


The payment methods that My Traffic Value uses are Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Okpay, Payeer and Bankwire. Each method have different transaction fees.


*Invest ONLY what you can afford to lose
*The key is to acquire active referrals.
*Be updated to the legit Revenue Share Programs.


Unlike other Programs that can make you earn money, Revenue Share Programs do not require “1 person per 1 IP rule”. Family members who are using the same IP address may join but should have different payment processor. If they validate that a user have multiple accounts, the user will be automatically banned along with his investments


My Traffic Value



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