Magical Mailer


This website is already in SCAMMED section and this review is for “How the program is before it turned scam” purposes only.

Magical Mailer is a Viral Mailer Program where members can earn money and/or credits for reading emails. It is owned by Mar Fox who is also the owner of Traffic Exchanges Programs named Traffic Magician and Traffic Royal.


*Do not promote your blog to any Viral Mailer because Google knows that the pageviews you get are not organic. This will only affect your bounce rate.


Magical Mailer knows that manually reading many advertisements is actually boring so it provided different types of games while surfing that members can win either money or credits.


1. Read E-mails – In order to earn, members need to surf advertisements from 3-60 seconds. Free members earn $0.01 for every 20 email ads they view while the Top Upgrade members earn $0.05.

2. Paid To Click – Magical Mailer is not a pure Viral Mailer Program. They also provide members to earn more by giving 5+ Paid to Click advertisements every day.

3. Referrals – Aside from surfing websites, members can also earn money by referring someone to the Red Stag Mailer sites using their banner or referral links. The referrers will get commissions from every click and purchase of their referrals.

4. Upgrade – Magical Mailer is free to join but it also give its members the option to upgrade for a certain amount if the members want to view websites for lower surfing time and get additional credits and money. Upgraded members have also a bigger chance to win to the games provided by the program.

Magical Mailer Upgrade


Before you join a Viral Mailer site, you should know first the minimum payout and the payment methods they use. Give a second thought if the minimum payout is $10 while others only offer at least $1. If the only online wallet available in your country is Payza, then look for a legit Viral Mailer site that is offering the online wallet you use.


*Surf as many as you can everyday
*Look for new and legit VM programs to invite people. Old Viral Mailer sites already have hundred thousands members.
*Be updated to the legit Viral Mailer sites turned scam sites.


*There should be one user in one IP address or else will be banned automatically.
*Do not use bots



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