Easyhits4u is a free Traffic Exchange program where members can earn money and credits for exchanging pageviews to other websites. It’s the no.1 Traffic Exchange program since 2003.


The Most Popular Traffic Exchange



*Easyhits4u will not make you a millionaire. You will only earn cents by surfing advertisement.
*Do not promote your blog to any Traffic Exchange and PTC program because Search Engines know that the pageviews you get are not organic. This will affect your bounce rate because users may not give you inbound and outbound clicks.


1. View Ads – In order to earn, members need to view advertisements from 15-20 seconds. Every 1000 pages that members surf, they will get $0.1.

15 seconds timer – Surfing websites with only 15 seconds timer would only give members .5 credit
20 seconds timer – Surfing websites using 20 seconds timer would give members 1 credit

Credit is very important in Easyhits4u and other traffic exchange programs because this is what members will use to get free pageviews to their website.

Basically, if members surf using 20 seconds timer, they will get 1 pageview to their website while members who surf 15 seconds timer will need to view 2 webpages before they will get 1 pageview.

2. Minijobs/Tasks/Surveys – Easyhits4u is not just a plain Traffic Exchange program. It also offers different ways to earn from their site such as Mini jobs, Doing tasks and Answering surveys from their advertisements.

3. Surf as many as you can – Aside from earning $0.1 for every 1000 pages, members can get prizes such as banner credits, text link credits, website credits, money and tickets to their Weekly Draw for every 25 pages they surf.

4. Upgrade – Easyhits4u is always free to all but there is an option to upgrade if you want earn more. Upgraded members have many benefits than free members.

easyhits4u upgrade
easyhits4u upgrade

The good thing in their upgrade is upgraded members can get referrals. Those new members who do not have referrers or upline will automatically sent to upgraded members downline for life.


Members can cashout their earnings the moment they accumulate $3 via Paypal or Payza. They also have the option to convert them to banner link, text links and website credits.


*Surf as many as you can to earn money and prizes.
*Expose your referral text and/or banner links to get direct referrals
*Upgrade if you have at least 1000 active direct referrals to earn more.


*Members should only have 1 account.
*Only one member can join per IP.


The Most Popular Traffic Exchange



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