Clixsense is a free Paid to Click Program where members can make money online by viewing advertisements and doing some various tasks. It was established on 2007 considered an elite PTC site.




Clixsense will not make you a millionaire. You will only earn cents by viewing their advertisements for a couple of seconds but you can earn more by doings tasks and surveys. Among the legit PTC sites, Clixsense gives 8 levels referrals.


1. View Ads – In order to earn, members need to view advertisements from 3-60 seconds. Earnings per ad depend on how long does an advertiser want members to view this website. The longer time he needs the higher he pays his viewers.

Clixsense timer
3 seconds = $0.001
30 seconds = $0.005
60 seconds = $0.01

Unlike other PTC sites, members need to stay focused on the advertisement until they reach the required seconds.

2. Minijobs/Tasks/Surveys – Clixsense is not just a plain PTC. It also offers different ways to earn from their site such as Mini jobs, Doing tasks and Answering surveys from their advertisements.

3. CLIXGRID – Clixsense is also offering their members a chance to win upto $10 by viewing extra 30 ads per day.


4. Referrals – Members can also earn commission from every click and tasks that their referrals do.

clixsense referral commission
clixsense referral commission

Having active referrals also require you to click ads or else you won’t get commissions from their clicks and tasks.

4. Upgrade – Clixsense is always free to all but there is an option to upgrade if you want earn more from your advertisement clicks and referral commission. It is only best if you have many direct referrals and very active on the site.


The minimum payouts for Clixsense are $6 for Premium members and $8 for Free members and sent every Monday and Tuesdays.

You can cashout your money using Paypal, Payza, Paytoo and Check.


*Always visit Clixsense because they add advertisement any moment. There is no fixed number of advertisement you can view
*Expose your referral text and/or banner links to get direct referrals
*Click their ads everyday if you have active referrals to earn commission.
*Upgrade if you have at least 1000 active direct referrals to earn more.


The Golden Rule to PTC sites and so in Clixsense is only one member can register in one IP address to avoid double accounts. Stick to the rule or Clixsense will ban you any moment they detect that you have 2 accounts.




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