Blogging is about expressing one’s idea online. Though it is a form of writing, a blogger should have known the gravity of the words he uses because it affects how search engines like Google will rank his blog. Blogging is not just connecting to the world without yourself being introduced, it can also give you money in different ways.


*Don’t buy domain and web hosting yet. You may consider using free blogging softwares like Blogger, WordPress and Weebly to try if you have the passion for blogging.

*Pick a topic that you love to talk about and have mastery.


1. AFFILIATE – Sell products online and earn commission. Being an affiliate can give you a maximum of 99% commission for every buyer from your blog. Search for products that you think will sell and insert the banners in your sidebar or post.

2. COST PER CLICK – Provide spaces for advertisers’ banners and texts and earn from every click of your visitors. No need for your visitors to buy any product online, their interest on the ads is all you needed.

3. COST PER MILES – Make your posts viral and earn money from every 1000 pageviews or impressions you receive. Your earnings per view depend on the location of the visitor.

4. SHRINK URL – Earn money by placing interstitial or banner frame to your inbound and outbound links. You can also earn without any blogs.

5. TEXT LINK ADS – Make your blog posts words serve as advertisement. When your viewer hover a certain word, a text link ad will appear.

6. PAY PER DOWNLOAD – You earn money for every successful download from your blog.

7. POP UP/POP UNDER – Aside from the tab used on your blog, your viewer will get another tab or window that serves as an advertisement.

8. PAY PER REVIEW – Make a decent review on certain products and earn money online. Owners know that people will always search for their products reviews on the net.

9. DIRECT ADVERTISERS – Advertisers will be the ones who will give you offers to have a banner space on your blog because of the popularity or accuracy of your blog to their endorsements.

10. GUEST BLOGGING – Write blog posts to other blogs and earn money right away. Your masterpiece should have no links to your own blog or else Google will penalize your blog and the blog where you submitted your posts.

11. GHOST WRITING – Write blog posts and sell it online. The copyright of your posts will be given to the buyers.


Before you join any program that will help you earn in your blogging, you should know first the minimum payout and the payment methods they use. Make sure that the payment methods they are using are available in your country and available also to you.


The 11 ways I give to earn money in your blogging have different techniques to execute on how you can earn more. You may consider the following tips according to the type:

*Affiliate – as a blogger, you should first gain trust from your viewers because you are the one who is endorsing the product by providing it a space in your blog.

*Affiliate – buy first the product before selling it to know if the product is really worth selling. If you find it amusing, give your feedback to your viewers.

*Cost per Click – Viewers go to your blog because they are interested, choose the ads that are also compatible with the niche of your blog.

*Cost per Click – Insert the banners or text in between your paragraphs because viewers are focusing on the content of your post and not on sidebars.

*Cost per Mile – If you make trending posts but no one clicks on your ad, try cost per mile.

*Cost per Mile – Boost your posts by sharing it on social media. If you have many friends and followers, there is a bigger chance that you’ll get thousand views from them alone.

*Shrink url – Provide many outbound and inbound links to your blog to maximize your earnings.

*Text Link Ad – Put different types of words in your blog posts to get different types of advertisements.

*Pay per Download – Only provide download tools that are virus free.

*Pop Up/Pop Under – Choose advertisement that you think is not really annoying.

*Pay per Review – Search for a product that is truly amazing to give a review.

*Direct Advertisers – If someone wants to be your direct advertiser, try to higher their price because he might say yes just to get a blog space from you.

*Guest Blogging – Look for guest blogging sites that is congruent to your style of writing and do not pinpoint your post to your own blog.

*Ghost Writing – Someone will use your mastery in a topic, give your best shot and higher your price.

There are still other ways to earn money in your blogging, I will update this as soon as I gather information.


The golden rule is to always write quality posts and not copy pasted nor edited version of other blog sites. You just need to practice your skill and money will just be your reward.


The websites presented and reviewed by Online Profit Directory are legit or at the time of the writing are legit and paying. If you think that one or more of the websites are scam or suspicious, you may share your experience and proof via e-mail.

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